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Part No. GEN12V

GEN12V – 12V ignition generator with a built-in timer


The GEN 12V ignition generator with a built-in timer.

This product features two independent outputs [IGN OUT/REM OUT] which are triggered when the engine is turned on or, in the case of the REM OUT output, by a user-defined voltage pin. This allows for the simultaneous connection of two separate devices such a stereo and amplifier or Bluetooth kit. The product is also fitted with a timer on each output, which can be adjusted to delay the activation of the ignition feed for up to 5 seconds after the trigger and/or to keep the feed active for up to 5 minutes after the engine has been turned off.

Why you would need this product:
The 12V ignition generator with built-in timer facility can help delay aftermarket accessory turning off whilst the vehicle comes to a temporary halt i.e. like at traffic lights when the engine goes off. For more information on the GEN12V solution, contact our team.

Product features:
– 2 x switched timer adjustable 12V outputs
– Designed and Engineered in the UK


Switched Timer

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