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12V Ignition Generators – Keeping you powered up

Ignition Generators

It’s always irritating when you come to a halt at a junction or some traffic lights and it seems all of your accessories turn off, this is often due to the lack of power coming from the engine, with your car stationary you lack the power to activate them. Thankfully there is a solution, the CAN Connect GEN12V is an ignition generator with a built-in timer which gives you continuous power as long as your engine is running plus the timer value which can be set in the options.

This system is ideal for entry level head units and Bluetooth phone kits but isn’t limited to that, the system will allow the continued use of any 12V product such as a fridge/cool box, interior and exterior lighting, compressors or even winches. Our 12V Ignition Generators are essential to make sure you don’t disconnect at inconvenient times. Thanks to the timer system, which can be set for up to 5 minutes, you can continue using any automotive accessories you require. You can even delay the 12V power source coming on from when the engine starts should you require it.

The 12V Ignition Generator features two independent outputs [IGN OUT/REM OUT] which are triggered when the engine is turned on or, in the case of the REM OUT output, by a user-defined voltage pin. This allows for the simultaneous connection of two separate devices such a stereo and amplifier or Bluetooth kit. The product is also fitted with a timer on each output, which can be adjusted to delay the activation of the ignition feed for up to 5 seconds after the trigger and/or to keep the feed active for up to 5 minutes after the engine has been turned off.

Why you would need this product:

The 12V ignition generator with built-in timer facility can help delay aftermarket accessory turning off whilst the vehicle comes to a temporary halt i.e. like at traffic lights when the engine goes off. For more information on the GEN12V solution, contact our team.